Client: NuSol Capacity Fund


RSS Aggregator

NuSol is very busy with logistics and planning for their first installation in Peru. With all that is going on at the moment,  weekly blog entries may not be the first thing on the list to get done.

Sole Graphics and NuSol decided that integrating an RSS feed aggregator to pull daily updates on industry and related news would be beneficial to site visitors and provide as a valuable resource.

Dontions Chart

NuSol recieves donations in a various fashions. In order to ensure the website's donations charting is up to date, Sole Graphics created a simple backend tool that allows NuSol to easily change values for money raised on-the-fly across the site.


  • Design
  • Development
  • SoleCMS
  • Strategy



NuSol is a startup organization that partners with rural communities to procure and install decentralized renewable energy systems. They build local capacities by training members of the communities to sustainably operate and maintain those systems.

Sole Graphics was responsible for NuSol's intial identity package, website design and website development.