Client: America's Foundation for Chess


CRM Integration

AF4C was spending 100's of hours managing their sales leads, collecting necessary paperwork and information from leads turned customers, compiling customer data, and creating accounts for their clientelle on the website.

Sole Graphics automated most of these steps by engineering a mutli-step process between SalesForce and our CMS.

Protected Resources

AF4C needed multiple login-based areas within their site, all with different rules and access restrictions.


FAQ's are a great way to let prospective or existing clients find out common questions and answers quickly. We integrated a simple, searchable CMS tool allowing AF4C to easily post common answers on their site.


  • Development
  • Newsletters
  • SoleCMS
  • Strategy



America’s Foundation for Chess (AF4C) is committed to the education of our children. It is their hope and mission to see that First Move will soon become a regular part of every child's classroom experience.

AF4C had a multitude of requirements in order for their website to serve as a useful tool for both potential and existing customers. Sole Graphics built multiple customized tools to help with CRM integration, password protected pages, account management, tracking and much more.

Project done in collaboration with Pure Design Group.