Client: Publish the Quest


Graphic Design

Sole Graphics was tasked with creating an identity, series of posters, and cd packaging that reflected the band's rough edged and controversial sound.

The Music

As with any band, staying ontop of distribution channels is critical. In the age of digital downloads and social networking, it was critical that we provide as many avenues as possible for people to listen to, download, and purchase albums and individual songs.


Aside from purchasing the music, every band needs an easy way to keep fans updated about shows and special events. Sole Graphics built a customized CMS plugin, easily allowing the band members to maintain their shows dates and details.


  • Design
  • Development
  • Newsletters
  • SoleCMS



Publish The Quest is a Seattle-based music project with a unique sound and conscious lyrics.

Sole Graphics had a hand in everything including logo, initial posters, cd packaging, website design and development.