Client: Shuttle Systems


Interactive Slider

A custom build flash piece brings the homepage to life.  Via the CMS admin, Shuttle Systems can update the photos and links that are featured prominently on the first page clients see.

Content Strategy

Working with Shuttle involved many iterations of planning the best strategey for laying out the website navigation and content flow.  Considering their diverse set of clients, industries and product roles we worked to a solution that would best suit all their potential applications.

Embedded Video

With a wide library of video content showcasing their products, embeding online videos in the site is key.  We built Shuttle Systems a custom video player, as well as easy CMS based tools to embed 3rd party video sites like Youtube or Vimeo.


Shuttle Systems has ambitious plans for promoting their website to potential customers.  Custom integration with Mail Chimp and Google Analytics allows for targeted promotion and tracking.  Easy social networking tie-ins provides even more promotional opportunities.


  • Design
  • Development
  • eCommerce
  • SoleCMS
  • Strategy



Shuttle Systems makes training and rehab equipment for a diverse clientele.  Their machines are used by professional sports teams, elite athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, senior citizens and bariatric patients to improve dynamic performance, prevent injury, speed recovery and increase balance.

Sole Graphics assisted in planning, design and website development to bring their startup business to a broad range of marketplaces. We are constantly working with Shuttle Systems to introduce new website features and help integrate marketing and analytics campaigns.

Project was done for and in conjunction with JessieLü Design.