Client: Frequency


Centralized CMS

Sole Graphics initially developed a CMS solution for Funny Feelings' first publication "Frequency". After expanding to three publications, we were tasked with revamping the CMS to drive all three sites from one central codebase to ease updating and feature expansions.

Contributing Authors

Due to the nature of their business, Frequency has a slew authors and photographers world wide constantly authoring articles and submitting photos. With the second release of their websites, we were comissioned to introduce a "contributors" feature, enabling the myriad off-site content creators to publish direct to their sites.

Issues & Features

Frequency is a quarterly publication, currently in it's eighth season. Each issue is jam packed with goodness, and we helped create a unique set of tools to easily faciliate the transfer of their quality print artilces and imagery into user friendly and stunning web-based versions.

Photo Galleries

As providers of stunning photographic images, it was critical that photo albums could be easily created, managed and embeded along with any content in the site. We made it happen.

Custom Video Player

Frequency approached us with an issue. They needed an easy way to deliver video content in a manner similar to YouTube or Vimeo, but branded with the Frequency logo. We created a custom video player that can be embedded in any website and the control colors change with each quarterly publication release.


  • eCommerce
  • Development
  • SoleCMS
  • Strategy



Frequency is one publication by Funny Feelings LLC, a high-end media/content/event company focusing on mountain sport culture. Sole Graphics took over the first static version of their site in 2006 and transitioned it to a CMS-driven site.

Today, Funny Feelings LLC has three publications driven by a centralized content management system engineered to suit their specific needs.

Funny Feelings LLC sites: